A lot of blogs have been posting their favorite “blogs” or “shopping sites” I want to o back to “magazines” Remember when you would save your starbucks money for a few weeks to be able to purchase a Vogue Italia? Or one of those indie magazines that you could never find.
Well, I at times still do that. But my recent magazine loves are more about lifestyle and the “everyday girl” Each magazine is rich with photo’s and a beautiful coffee table topper.



“Each issue is filled with lush photography, lyrical essays, recipes, interviews, profiles, personal stories and practical tips along with a keen attention to design and details.”
Kinfolk just started getting published in Japan, one of their few international ventures. The passion for each story is well felt and makes you want to keep going back to read again.



Darling Magazine
“The art of being a woman” that is their mission.
I feel like it is the modern day REAL girl to girl magazine. No where on the cover will you read “sex” or “how to please your man”
Another tasteful read for us gals about beauty, art , everyday things and more.



Anthology Magazine
“Each issue is conceived as a collection of stories, all centered around a theme.”
I feel like this magazine is more for the interior decorator lovers out there. Filled with rooms, offices that you dream of every night.
Measuring 7.5-by-10 inches, it’s the perfect size for tucking into a bag and taking to the coffee shop, or on the bus or plane.



More of the girly, edgy, fashion side to it all. The photo’s give you unique outfit inspirations. Will make you try some interesting things, wether its fashion of makeup ideas. The images makes me want to be a photographer!
Clipping the photos out and framing them is also a “thing” I do… secrets out.

Do any of these tickle your fancy?


Did another collab video, this time with Sienna Spalding.
She showed you how to do the liquid eyeliner, I worked on the eyeshadow liner.
Here are some of the items I used:

SEPHORA Professionnel Flat Liner/Eyeliner Brush #16
Angled Liner Brush
*similar Sigma E65 – Small Angle
Pointed Liner Brush
*similar Bdellium Tools Studio Line – Eye Liner Applicator 710

LORAC PRO To Go Palette

Laura Mercier Eye Pencil – Black Extreme

Hope you guys try it out, or helped out in some way!!

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