Spring Vase Re-Make

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Had so many flowers I wanted to get to decorate my home and come to find out I only have the plain ol’ vases that you get when you get flower delivery or so.
Decided to re-make these vases into something more modern and chic. These are just two idea’s but there are so many options and vases you can create just by using these simple products.

Would love to see what you create! Don’t forget to add #FRIEDIA to anything so I can see it:)

Quinoa Porridge

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I had a shoot a couple weeks back and call time was at 7AM. Luckily for me I was able to eat breakfast with the crew.
They were serving quinoa porridge, this was my first time seeing and hearing about it. On set I had sprinkled a little bit of coconut flakes and a little bit of honey.
Today I decieded to give it a try at home and found out it was so easy!

Here is my recipe serves 2:
1/2 cup quinoa (I used the Costco quinoa so it was already pre-washed)
1 Cup Alomond milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
optional: Toppings (go for what you want to add to it!)
blueberries, crushed almonds
| idea’s: honey, coconut flakes, berries all sorts, raisons, nuts etc |

Heat a saucepan over medium heat and measure in the quinoa. Season with cinnamon and cook until toasted, stirring frequently, about 3 minutes. Pour in the almond milk, water and vanilla and stir in the brown sugar. Bring to a boil, then add a lid, cook over low heat until the porridge is thick and grains are tender, about 25 minutes. Add more water if needed if the liquid has dried up before it finishes cooking. Stir occasionally, especially at the end, to prevent burning.
Pour in bowl, add topping and serve!

Quinoa is a great source of protein, dietary fiber, magnesium and iron. The list goes on on how good this is for you.


The Wind Rises



Got to have a mini movie date with my dad yesterday.
He wanted to see the last Hayao Miyazaki movie one more time, so “The Wind Rises” it was.
Such a beautiful day. Thanks dad:)

What I wore :
Denim JKT- Free People
Dress- Free People
Boots- Madewell
Socks- Japanese sock store
Bag- Philip Lim 3.1 for Target
Glasses- Forever21

Chanel Makeup Everyday




Was getting so many comments on my YouTube page on how I use my glitter’s. I love having a suddle glitter, and the goldie under the eye is the perfect look. It was similar to the Chanel SS14 Runway look, so I got inspired to do the thicker eyeliner.

The look for the corner of the eyes are thinner than the actual runway look and the glitter used under the eye is a lot finer and suddle. If you want more impact, find larger glitter bits to add it here and there!

Hope to see you try this look!